Pritam Benjamin

An educator for over 40 years, Pritam.L. Benjamin has a deep and abiding faith in practical idealism that should guide the awesome responsibility of “educating children”.

Seven gold medals from the University of Allahabad, both at graduate and post-graduate levels in English literature, with a B.Ed from Calcutta University, she has lectured in English Literature at Women’s College, Ranchi and Loreto College, Kolkata.

She committed herself totally to school teaching at Sishya in Chennai, La Martiniere for Girls in Kolkata, Bangalore International School, and National Academy for Learning, Bangalore, Indus International School and Inventure Academy, Bangalore.

It was at the four latter schools that she served as Vice Principal and Principal over a period of 22 years, and taught English, Social Studies and Religious Studies to students of middle, high school and senior secondary classes. Three of these schools were started under her leadership and guidance and have emerged as dynamic institutions, committed to delivering what children need today and tomorrow.

Weaving her implicit belief in the inherent giftedness of every child that can come to fruition in the right school and home environment, she has initiated and supported innovation and change within curriculum, teaching practice and rethinking and redefining the vision and extent of the responsibility of schools and teachers to “educate for life”. Best Practices from traditional methods must be retained, but schools but must embrace change in the content, context and purpose of developing young minds. Learning experiences, she believes, must be coupled with responsibility and sensitivity that only schools can provide.

Her interest in reading, music and the performing Arts, Dance and Drama has motivated her to plan and project these areas of learning into the lives of growing children. She sees the need for children to reconnect with nature so that they develop a scientific temperament. These humanizing influences, often absent from an academically pressured curriculum, can bring out the inherent values in children and provide ideal nurturing for future roles in society

As an educational consultant to 3 schools, including Indus International School, Inventure Academy, Oasis International School, as well as the officiating director of Indus Training and Research Institute (ITARI) in Bangalore, currently Consultant and officiating Director and Faculty with Indus Training and Research Institute, Pritam, now provides access to her experience and growth in the field of education, to those who are committed to providing for the compelling needs of children to grow, aspire, excel, and contribute.