Vasudha Neel Mani

Vasudha Neel Mani

Vasudha Neel Mani is an educationist with over 21 years of experience. Currently working as the Principal at Vidya Sanskar International School, Vasudha Neel Mani has been a dynamic and versatile educationist. A double masters in Psychology and Education and special educator by profession, Ms Neel Mani has been working towards bring about the decisive change in the Indian Education System and put it on par with the best-in-class.

A registered practitioner with the Rehabilitation Council of India and a trained Special Educator, Ms Neel Mani has devoted over a decade with special needs children at various institutions in various capacities. Being a psychologist, she is able to understand students’ needs more appropriately in both the Indian and international contexts.

2013-14 CIDTT – Diploma program in teacher’s training –her module is on Skills to be an effective teacher where she scored over all distinction in the course with three distinctions in planning, assessment and evaluation and pass in practice. The modules were completely on teachers training. Ms Neel Mani has conducted various workshops in Special Education, Multiple Intelligence and Curriculum and Assertive Discipline and has played a key role in the curriculum development of many schools. She has worked with Indian and International Boards like IB, IGCSE and Calvert.

Ms Neel Mani firmly believes in Holistic Education that is the essence of modern day learning. Her views on RTE were published as a part of cover story in the Education World Magazine and also she wrote an article on Urgent need of Value Education in Education World Magazine.

She was one of the educationist who presented a paper on Value Education- Imbibing Values by School Leadership at 5thInternational conference conducted by Edu Excellence, IIT and MHRD. The paper has been selected and will be published in the book.

She has been pioneer and has introduced Apple Education at Vidya Sanskar International School. She was one of Key note speakers at Edtech review where she presented her views on Technology Integration and education. She was also interviewed at India education summit as Vidya Sanskar is the first school in India to implement Apple education across the school.

She was awarded Best Dynamic Educationist of the Year by Media Federation of India.

She was invited as a speaker at Personalised Learning workshop at Delhi conducted by Funtoot. At PLW 14 she discussed a teacher’s role At the PLW 2014, she discussed a teacher’s role in Personalized Learning and how they can become ‘Model Teachers’. Her key objective was to explain the concepts and importance of personalized learning, offering individual attention to each child and the role of school managements to provide personalized learning infrastructure. She stressed upon the importance of creating a leader in each child. Teaching via pedagogy that strengthens the concept in each child is the way ahead, she believes. To her, teachers are learners for life and they should keep themselves updated at every step, be it the subject, technology or approach. Ms. Vasudha says that a teacher ought to be her student’s mentor and not just an education facilitator. She plays the role of three different kinds of mentors during a student’s course of study- A teacher between class 3,4 &5, a teacher between class 6,7 &8 and finally another teacher between 9to12- and the student develops a deep connect at each level with his mentor.

It is the responsibility of every teacher to make sure that student understand the concepts thoroughly rather than just get good grades. Personalized Learning can however be successful only when the stake-holders viz. school management, school principal and the teachers think alike. Only when the stake-holders and the parents share the same vision and mission, will a change like this be successful. A lower student:teacher ration, peer tutoring, diffentiated worksheets for every student and more such options can be successful conception of personalized learning in current systems.

She has been invited by Cambridge as their ambassador and guest speakers in Cambridge seminars to talk on implementation of Cambridge curriculum